Yalancilar ve Mumlari (Liar and candle)


Watch Yalancilar ve Mumlari (Liar and candle) Episodes with English Subtitles online. Watch the Turkish Series Yalancilar ve Mumlari episodes for free. Download the Turkish drama Liar and candle episodes in high quality at turkish123. The events of the Turkish TV series "Yalancilar ve Mumlari" will unfold around four women. They have known each other from an early age and, despite the fact that each of the heroines of the Turkish TV series with English subtitles had their own destiny, their friends always stayed together. Their friendship was so strong that no one could ever break it. They considered themselves sisters and were always ready to help each other at any moment. Sometimes they found themselves in situations from which it would seem impossible to find a way out, but all problems were always solved by joint efforts.
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